Top 10 gay-friendly countries

Top 10 gay-friendly countries

Society is changing throughout the world. Countries across the globe are adjusting their laws to identify LGBTQ rights. Australia and Austria are also on the list because these are the nations where same-sex marriages are legal now. Hopefully, over time, the areas where gays are considered as second class people, will also change their laws and thinking about gay people. So, what are the best countries to visit or live in if you are LGBTQ?

The list continues to grow when it comes to gay-friendly countries. There is not just a single gayest country but there are many throughout Europe and elsewhere. Today, there are lots of countries where same-sex and gay marriages are legitimate, and LGBTQ individuals can fully enjoy equal rights just like other members of the society in various aspects of life such as health, housing, employment, and gay adoption.

Though trends across the world emphasize the acceptance of homosexuality, still some nations have restrictive laws that inhibit the rights of LGBTQ people. From Australia to the Netherlands, we come up with a list of the most gay-friendly countries across the world, so that you can experience your self-esteem and pride for your next trip abroad. Let’s learn about the 10 most gay-friendly countries across the globe.

1. Spain

One of the friendliest and welcoming countries in Europe, Spain is perhaps one of the best LGBTQ nations across the globe. It is often considered as the gayest nation across the globe. The overpowering majority of people in Spain are activists and supporters of LGBTQ rights. A massive 87% of people believe that their home country is a perfect place for lesbian and gay individuals to visit and settle down.

As stated by ILGA Europe, the country has a 60% rating with regards to LGBTQ rights, placing it above various other European countries like Italy and Germany in the list of gay-friendly countries. Moreover, 88% of people in Spain promote same-sex marriage. You will find a lot of hospitable and cool gay occasions and places to visit. In Spain, some of the famous gay events include Circuit Festival in Barcelona and Madrid Gay Pride.

2. Portugal

Portugal is a great country for LGBTQ people with hilly Porto, colorful Lisbon, and fantastic pride celebrations. Portugal became the 6th country to legalize gay marriage in the year 2010 in Europe, strengthening its place as a gay-friendly country for LGBTQ visitors. While the country is believed conservative and religious, the open-minded essence of individuals means LGBTQ persons can feel relaxed while traveling to Portugal. ILGA Europe stats shows that Portugal has a 66% rating regarding LGBTQ rights, making it the 7th country among 49 European countries. Lisbon houses the massive LGBTQ community that is the delightful capital of Portugal. Lisbon Pride is a 2-week celebration that happens and includes a pride festival and a pride parade.

3. The Netherlands

Netherlands is a liberal nation and is well known for its incredible lifestyle it provides to LGBTQ people. Being the first state to legalize gay marriages across the globe, it is no wonder that the Netherlands has active lesbians and a gay scene including lots of gay-friendly businesses and fantastic nightlife. Amsterdam, the Netherland’s capital is one of the most comfortable, liberal, and gay-friendly places on the Globe.

ILGA Europe showed that the Netherlands has a 62% rating regarding LGBTQ rights which put it in 10th position among 49 European countries. The annual pride event in Amsterdam takes place in August in which vibrant glides travel down the canal network of the city, with viewers soothing on from the sidelines in pride celebrations.

4. Belgium

Belgium was the 2nd country to legalize same-sex marriage in 2003 and in 2006 the Belgian Parliament designated to give rights to adopt children to homosexual couples. Brussels, the capital of Belgium is home to a vigorous LGBTQ scene that is spread across many streets behind the Grand Place, including Rue du Marché au Chabron.

The ILGA stat shows that Belgium has a score of 73% regarding its overall LGBTQ rights which ranks it to 2nd position among 49 countries in Europe. Moreover, the country is famous for its amazing gay parties such as La Démence. Enjoy and experience LGBTQ life beyond Brussels in other cities including Bruges and Ghent.

5. Canada

Canada is considered one of the most comfortable and gay-friendly nations throughout the globe. Canadian residents advocated gay rights in an overpowering majority where over 84% of citizens believe that their nation is a good place for lesbians and gays to live. Canada became the 1st nation beyond Europe to permit gay marriage in 2005.

As stated by Equaldex, the nation appreciates a host of freedoms for LGBTQ individuals, including legal gender changes, legal acceptance, and illegal discernment in employment and housing, creating a high standard regarding LGBTQ-friendly countries in the world. Canada is one of the prominent nations today for enhancing LGBTQ rights across the world. Canada residents conceitedly contribute to and host many gay festivals and pride events during the whole year, like Vancouver Pride, Montreal Pride, and Toronto Pride.

6. France

France and its wonderful capital, Paris is a great place to visit for LGBTQ people. France is a gay-friendly nation that legalized same-sex marriages in 2013. You can find most of the local gay experience in Paris in Le Marais. Packed with gay clubs, restaurants, and bars Le Marais alone shows that the country is one of the gayest nations across the globe.

As per stats of ILGA Europe, France beats other European countries like Germany and Spain regarding LGBTQ rights having a 63% rating. In France, more precise gay rights are predominant with Equaldex proving that same-sex acceptance is legal, together with helping in the military.   

7. Australia

Today the Australians can claim to be on the top of the list when we talk about the most gay-friendly countries. In 2017, the majority of Australian citizens, about 61.6% support same-sex marriage which considerably enhances its status about LGBTQ friendliness.

Sydney, a city of Australia is one of the most gay-friendly cities across the world and the straggling megalopolis is also the place for the most famous gay event in Australia i.e. Gay Mardi Gras. Moreover, the open-minded and liberal spirit of Australians enables LGBTQ people to enjoy hassle-free time in Australia.

8. Iceland

Iceland is a small country but with a very open and active gay scene. Same-sex marriage was legalized in 2010 in Iceland. Currently, the nation greets lesbians and gay travelers with open arms. The capital of Iceland Reykjavík is where the most vigorous gay scene is located.

Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík has a lively Pride, which is set up every year, typically in August. It was 1999 when the first pride took place in Iceland proving the age-old open-minded approach regarding LGBTQ people. ILGA Europe stats represents that Iceland is a little behind that some other countries in Europe regarding LGBTQ rights, with a rating of 47% resulting in its position at 19 among total 49 countries in Europe.

9. Norway

It is one of the earlier nations across the globe to provide the same rights to all people. Norway adopted laws regarding gay marriage in 2008. Norway people are famous for their open-minded approaches and over 80% of Norwegians believe that their nation is a good place for LGBTQ individuals to settle down. The ILGA Europe report shows that Norway has a 68% rating, placing it at 6th position among 49 countries in Europe.

Norway residents appreciate a large number of liberties such as equal age of consent, legal gay adoption, and regulations to stop distinction regarding employment and housing. Norway is home to several LGBTQ parades, cultural events, and gay skiing carnivals. Oslo Pride is the largest LGBTQ event in Norway.

10. New Zealand

In 2013, New Zealand legalized gay marriage. As stated by Equaldex, the nation stood high regarding LGBTQ rights with gender reassignment and gay adoption legal and gay people permitted to work in the military. Any type of distinction in the employment and housing areas are also illegal. Wellington and Auckland are the two central New Zealand’s cities that organize vibrant pride events in late February during the summer times.

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