10 Awesome LGBTQ Songs to Celebrate Pride Month!

10 Awesome LGBTQ Songs to Celebrate Pride Month!

Stuck on how to celebrate LGBTQ month? Oh boy, it’s no big deal. The lockdown may have gotten the best of your creativity. And I know that you’ve just got to get your playlist right. Not every song will fill the rhythm of pride. So here I am, as your LGBTQ music guide.

Many singers have stood up for LGBTQ rights and a lot of them have been straightforward about it in their lyrics and music videos too! It doesn’t matter where you’re from. But I sure know where you’d want to go with your music playlist for pride month!

All LGBTQ music lovers, unite.

These 10 awesome songs will take you over the rainbow! Period.

1. Born this Way

Artist: Lady Gaga

Year of release: 2011

A very recent song indeed but did you know that it’s inspired by the 70s? Yes, you heard that right. Back in 1977, Carl Bean released an anthem for gays, and guess what it was called? ‘I Was Born This Way’.” Whether you listen to the Carl Bean original or Lady Gaga, own who you are. After all, you’re born this way darling. Don’t regret it!

2. Take Me to Church

Artist: Hozier

Year of release: 2013

The lyrics say it all in this timeless song. There has been a sense of debate about whether it’s an LGBTQ song or not. But there’s one thing for sure. I like how he is vocal against the lot who tag others ‘sinful’. I’d say if the song gives you the courage to stand up against people who shame you for being you, then you’ve just got to add it to your LGBTQ playlist.

3. Freedom! 90

Artist: George Michael

Year of release: 1990
This fearless singer of a person gave us some of the most amazing songs ever. Not to mention how he became a sex symbol (wink, wink). Freedom! 90 is an old song that was way ahead of its time. George Michael was gay and no, he wasn’t sorry about it. In fact, in 1998, after a lot of mystery, he came on CNN and publicly announced that he is gay! Freedom! 90 was both about breaking the chains of the music industry standards that were holding him back and also about his sexual orientation. He has a lot of messages hidden in his songs. Yes, you need this one on your LGBTQ playlist if you want freedom from your barriers!

4. Anthem

Artist: Pansy Division

Year of release: 1993

The name of the song speaks its story. This is the anthem to celebrate your pride month! The Pansy Division band has been very open about their gay orientation. And that is what makes these guys one of the boldest out there. And to think that they’ve sung this song back in 1993, wow. Now that’s what I call the perfect and most fearless LGBTQ anthem to lift your spirit!

5. Alive

Artist: Sia

Year of release: 2016

I’m alive and so are you! A modern playlist without a Sia song? Won’t be too much alive, would it? This Australian singer has always been bold and expressive. She has been open about how she has dated both boys and girls. There’s just so much to love about her spirit. Yes, she makes us all feel truly alive!

6. I Kissed a Boy

Artist: Jupither

Year of Release: 2011

As open as it can get, I Kissed a Boy by Jupither gets an award for being super straightforward! This song brings up all the hidden feelings to the surface. It perfectly captures the essence of when you get to know who you truly are! If you’re a guy who has been getting feelings for another guy, you should add this song to your playlist!

7. Firework

Artist: Katy Perry

Year of release: 2010
Boom, boom, boom… It’s time to set off some fireworks! This song has all the reasons to be on your LGBTQ playlist. When the Firework music video got leaked, Katy Perry herself dedicated it to the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign that worked for LGBTQ rights. The movement works day in, day out to protect the LGBT community from harassment and suicides. So the next time someone is making you feel down, remember that you’re a firework!

8. Over the Rainbow

Artist: Judy Garland

Year of release: 2016

The rainbow is symbolic of the LGBTQ community. So, it’s impossible for me to not list a song that feels as bright and as joyful as the seven colors! Although originally sung by Judy Garland and shot for The Wizard of Oz, it stands for what every LGBTQ person does- hope and looking on the bright and colorful side of life!

9. Girls Like Girls

Artist: Hayley Kiyoko

Year of release: 2015

The song title couldn’t get more straightforward than this! Girls like girls, and it’s completely okay to do so. There’s nothing more refreshing than watching a music video in which an LGBTQ couple takes a stand for themselves! It’s nothing new, but you’ve got to dedicate the Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko to your partner this pride month!

10. Celebration

Artist: Madonna
Year of release: 2009
Why not end this list with some Celebration? This song hit the number one charts and was a worldwide blockbuster when it was released in 2009! And to date, it’s festive and fresh. The song is co-written by the Queen of Pop herself and it’s among her best hits from the compilation album ‘Celebration’. Groove to this song and dance your worries away. The best part is that it’s an open invitation to everybody to come and join the party!

Music is a very personal choice. So that’s it from my playlist for celebrating pride month! I have shared my personal favorites songs for LGBTQ.

I want you to hear you sing your favorite song- OUT LOUD. Do you want to rock and roll to any of the above? I’d love to hear from you.

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